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Why Patio Embers?

Those who expect the best, invest. Discover the Patio Embers difference.

If entertaining outdoors is something you enjoy, and something your guests enjoy even more, then you may be considering the purchase of the hottest new addition, the portable outdoor fireplace. Before you make that purchase, however, it's important to do your research to make sure you're buying a product that will give you lasting beauty as well as a dependable, enduring flame.

Patio Embers was created to provide the exciting addition of light and warmth to your most festive outdoor gatherings. What we've also done is take the traditional notion of the outdoor fire and give it a brand new elegance, functionality and durability that far surpass the low-to-the-ground firepits of competitors.

So, why choose Patio Embers? Take a look at the following product comparison.

Product Benefit/Attribute Patio Embers
by Agio

Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty 30-90 Days
Burner Construction: 18" Cast Aluminum (will not rust) Steel (guaranteed to rust)
Table Height: Table tops are a conversationally comfortable cocktail table height - up to 23" 9" - 16" in height
Tabletop Dimensions: Generous tabletops manufactured in marble, stone, cast aluminum and faux stone with plenty of room for serving guests food and beverages Generally not much room for entertaining
Fuel Source: Natural Gas and Propane Compatible Natural Gas Line Only

Thank you again for considering Patio Embers. We're quite sure that you'll agree that we're the hottest thing on the market.


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Why Patio Embers?
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