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Frequenty Asked Questions

Why choose a gas firepit over a wood burning firepit?
One reason is ease of use. A gas firepit is always ready to use. There is no need to find wood to burn. With a gas firepit there is no need to clean up ash caused from burning wood. No need to have a screen cover because there are no sparks from a gas firepit. You can also place your gas firepit on a wooden deck. All wood burning firepits require a heat resistant pad be used to separate the firepit from the wooden surface. The gas firepit also produces no smoke like a wood burning firepit which can be unpleasant to sit around.

What is the importance of an aluminum burner?
By using aluminum material for our burner we can offer a burner that will virtually last a lifetime. Aluminum material will not rust, and therefore will not fall apart over a few years of use caused by the weather. You also will not have to worry about rust stains on your patio surface.

What is unique about the burner and logs?
The burner was specially designed to sculpt the flames into a very realistic burning pattern. We designed and engineered the shape of the burner, shape of the logs and placement of the logs to give you the most realistic flame possible.

What are the logs made of?
The logs are a ceramic fiber material. We use this material because it is the best material for outside use. The outside coating is made of ceramic with a high heat paint applied. The inside is a special formulate fiber which helps absorb moisture and expand and contract with the changing weather. Many suppliers use cement logs which are not the best for outside use. Cement logs will absorb the moisture, but may crack and break as the temperature changes. This is very similar to cracks in the driveway.

Why is the placement of the ceramic logs important?
We actually use real logs to develop the shape and realistic look of the logs. The ceramic logs are placed in the burner and crafted to give you the most realistic burning experience. When the logs are placed in the proper position the fire is so realistic you will think it is an actually real wood burning.

Is it necessary to use the lava rocks?
The lava rocks are added to give a more realistic and decorative look to the firepit. They are not required but we strongly suggest using them to add to the beauty of your firepit.

Is the firepit easy to light?
The firepit is extremely easy to light. The firepit is supplied with an electronic igniter. The advantage of this type of igniter is by simply pressing a button it will create a continuous spark. Once the flame is burning release the button. Over time you will need to replace the AAA battery which is supplied with every firepit. Simply unscrew the cap and replace the battery.

Why do I need to hold the valve in for 60 seconds?
The firepit uses a safety valve that will shut off the flow of gas if there is a loss of flame. When you turn the valve to the “On” position and push the control knob in, gas will flow to the burner. A thermocouple is located next to the electrode and when it is heated by the flame, it generates a small electric current that will hold the valve open. You need to hold the valve in for 60 seconds once the burner is lit to allow the thermocouple time to heat up.

Where are the controls located?
The controls are located either inside the tank door or on the side of the firepit in a hinge door depending on the unit you have purchased. The controls are easy to access, but also hidden when not in use to help maintain the overall beauty of the firepit. The control panel shows easy to follow graphics for operation of the firepits. The control panel is where the igniter and main valve are located. The valve has an off position and three flame height adjustments. The material of the panel is stainless steel which will never rust.

Where is the liquid propane tank stored?
The firepit has been designed to hide the tank from viewing inside the firepit shroud. The tank has an easy lift off door which slides out to make installing the LP gas tank extremely easy. The firepit does not come with a LP tank, but any 20lb LP tank with a type 1 connection and an OPD coverfill protection device valve.

Where can I purchase a LP tank?
The LP tank with the type 1 connection can be purchased at most home centers or major retailers that sell gas grills. We do not supply this tank because it is not necessary to operate the firepit if you are connecting to a natural gas supply.

Can I use low cost natural gas instead of propane?
Absolutely! Each firepit is supplied with a natural gas conversion kit. The kit includes on orifice to insure that the proper gas flow for natural gas. A stainless steel screw is also supplied which when installed into the threaded hole in the burner changes the igniter spark direction which is necessary for the density difference between natural gas and LP gas. These parts must be connected by a qualified installer.

Will the logs change color after use?
The logs will not change color, but you will notice a carbon build up from propane gas. Natural gas will burn much cleaner reducing the carbon build up on the logs.

What are the tops made of?
Some of the tops are a poly resin material with a UV protected coating to prevent fading in the sun. We call these top FST, faux stone tops. The RST, real stone tops, are made from real slate stones. Since these tops are from real stones, colors will vary from stone to stone adding to the beauty of each top. RMT, real marble tops, are made from real marble stones. All of our stone tops have a sealer which helps protect the stones from moisture caused cracking.

What is the main body material?
All of the main body, shrouds, are made from a poly resin material. This material will literally last forever. The material helps us create the most realistic looking firepit with much less weight and cost. The finish that is applied has a UV stabilized sealer applied to reduce the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. The inside frame work is made from aluminum material which will not rust.

Will the firepit rust?
No, all the parts supplied are non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel, brass and aluminum. These materials resist rusting.

How long can the firepit burn using LP gas?
Using a 20lb LP gas tank, the firepit will burn for approximately 11hours when on the high flame setting. This is an average and you may find your tank will last longer.

What if my deck or patio has an uneven surface?
On the bottom of every firepit are feet levelers. Simply adjust the threads to help level the firepit.

Is there much assembly required?
No, simply unpack the firepit body and set in place. Place the top on and fasten with fasteners provided. No tools are necessary. Install the logs and lava rocks, hook up your LP tank and enjoy!

Why is a CSA listed product important?
CSA stands for Canadian Standard Association. This is an independent testing organization that is used extensively in the US which certifies that products are made per safety standards established by CSA. This means that you are getting a product that is tested and built to meet the most stringent safety standards.

General Information:
The gas firepit has been designed for chat height. This height will give you and your guest a comfortable height for conversation seating. We offer many different design styles to complement your back yard style.

Benefits and Features:
• Cast aluminum burner that will not rust
• Ceramic fiber logs formulated for outdoor weather conditions
• Specifically designed log and burner combination to give the most realistic burning experience
• Decorative lava rocks included
• Easy to light electronic igniter
• Hidden LP tank and control panel helps to maintain the overall beauty and natural look of the firepit
• Pull out LP tank door for easy tank installation and replacement
• Poly resin shroud with UV stabilized finish will not rust or corrode
• Poly resin top, real stone top, or real marble tops to choose from
• CSA certified and listed product

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