Agio Firepit Starter Replacement

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Getting maximum use out of your Agio portable outdoor propane firepit may result, as with outdoor gas grills, in the eventual need to replace the igniter that quickly and easily lights your firepit. Agio offers this easy-to-install starter replacement which fits any model of Agio firepit. Simply follow the instructions closely and you’re on your way to adding more ambience to your outdoor entertaining. PLEASE NOTE: We have recently modified our igniters so you may find the rear connectors a little different from your original igniter. The new igniters only have one electrical prong for connecting the wire that leads to the spark point. We removed the ground wire and added a copper ground point to the igniter front that is under the removable cap. This puts the ground in contact with the back of the metal control panel and removes a wire from the inside of the firepit. All of Agio’s firepits can use this new ignition module as it is backwards compatible with our older models.

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