Indoor/Outdoor Stone Tabletop Sealer

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This specially formulated tabletop sealer is recommended prior to using any stonetop table outdoors. This Stone top sealer creates a bond with your tabletop and doesn't allow moisture and natures elements to wear away your investment. The sealer will protect your tabletop from fading in the sunlight and will bond below the surface to eliminate peeling. The Indoor/Outdoor Stone Tabletop Sealer will also enhance and improve colors including grout issues. Ideal sealer for Marble, Granite, Slate, and Limestone tabletop surfaces. Inhibits Stone Fading due to excessive sunlight. Sprays on clear to the tabletop surface. Inhibits Stone Fading due to excessive sunlight. Will eliminate Peeling. Enhances and Improves natural stone colors, including grout issues. Average coverage for one can of sealer is 15-50 sq. ft. depending on absorption rate.

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